It doesn’t happen very often that a couple contacts me just a day before their wedding, telling me they liked my creative and unconventional photos so much they had decided to call a professional photographer in the last minute. They told me they were a very small group of people (under 10) and they were looking for ideas of a small wedding ceremony. At first they were thinking the drive through, someone also suggested them the wedding wagon.  Vegas has all the  conceivable wedding packages you can think of—you can get married on the board of a helicopter, dressed up as a pirate, completely naked, and of course, by “The King”…and not to mention Vegas is the quickie weddings capital of the world.

As I’m not only a wedding photographer, but an artist as well, who never gets tired of collecting inspiration, even though Sebastian and Katarzyna called me just hours before I had a travel planned, I said I was in! They later told me they discovered the reviews and my photos on WeddingWire and then checked out my social media pages as well.

They fell in love with the style of my wedding photography when they saw Brandon and Megan’s pictures  and they decided they want something similar: exotic, full of love and passion, still decent and elegant. Katarzyna has always wanted to be a model of fashion photo shoots, so it was time to full fill her dreams. Sebastian has a great passion for sports cars, so it was easy to choose a car for the photo shoot, he took a classy Ford Mustang. There was a 3-hours photo session, we started by the Red Rock Canyon then we moved on to the Caesar Forum Shops  and we finished on the Las Vegas Strip by Caesar Gazebo.