Quality Event Photography at The Baobab Stage Grand Opening Event

The Grand Opening of the new Baobab Stage was an incredible experience! I wanted to show you some incredibly high-quality event photography in Las Vegas, featuring this amazing Baobab Stage Grand Opening Experience. This event featured entertainers from around the world and the best performers from Las Vegas. I truly enjoyed all of the performances, artistry, entertainment, and the joy of everyone that was involved in this event. I loved all of the expressive colors, faces, and everything that made the event special. It was so natural to take quality event photography and help show the world, how wonderful this venue is.

When I think of photographing an event, I think of bringing what I see to life, through photos. I want to capture all of the emotions I am feeling and seeing on others, and bring those that view my photos, into the story with me. The Baobab Stage Grand opening was an amazing event and I am so excited to show you this world that I thankfully have discovered, and I can bring to you now. What is The Baobab Stage? The Baobab Stage is a combination of fashion, art, theater, and culture. Within this venue, culture melts together seamlessly, providing a platform for local artists in Las Vegas. The local entertainment scene has been struggling to find an outlet for many years, and The Baobab Stage, does a great job, trying to take on that task.

I really hope you enjoy these photos and enjoy the journey that is The Baobab Stage Experience!

If you have any questions, let me know!

I am looking forward to my next project, and I hope you stay tuned, as it’s going to be awesome!


Baobab Stage Theatre