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Whether the wedding is an outdoor, casual event elopement or a black-tie affair; every couple wants the memories of their marriage to be pictured perfectly. Forget the staged shots. Zoltan Wedding Photography focuses on telling the story of your special day from the beginning till the end! Long after the vows have been said, the cake has been cut, and the songs have ended; the memories live on through your wedding photos.

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Las Vegas Strip and Desert wedding photo composition with three couple

For me, photography is not just a living, but a commitment to creativity; it’s about intimate and graceful style instead of cliché.

Zoltan Wedding Photography’s mission is a distinctly artistic vision of effortless elegance and uncompromising quality which is reflected throughout our website design and fine-art albums.

Zoltan and his crew consider themselves photographic storytellers who encourage shooting techniques that minimize posing and scene manipulation. Wedding Photography mostly is expressed through two styles.

Two newlywed couple and another one bride and their bridesmaid advertising photo composition

One is wedding photojournalism, a spontaneous capture of images, and the other is wedding portraits, a photographic presentation of strictly composed images. The Journalist style allows the photographer to document the events without interfering while adding his/her own artistic merit.

A professional photographer with trained eyes, gently guiding the couples and the wedding guests to seamlessly capture the most emotional moments, achieves the final style of photography. Composed pictures are clean, well-rehearsed poses or formal wedding portraits. Most photographers’ style in either of these manners.

A newlywed couple in the desert one bride and another bride with their bridesmaids advertising image