Wedding Chapels In Las Vegas offers a wide variety of packages combined with other options and services. Before you choose your Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, I think you should read this Vegas wedding chapel guide to find an important piece of information from a freelance professional wedding photographer

I would love to assist you with the right selection of Wedding Chapel and packages that will help you in making the Las Vegas wedding memorable.


Would you please check out these photos at the Paris Wedding Chapel, Planet Hollywood Chapel, and surrounding area on these hotel casinos or the Las Vegas Strip? These are some examples of Vegas Weddings in classic styles elopements, photo sessions. 

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Las Vegas, for decades, is famous for some of its historical wedding chapels like Graceland Wedding Chapel since 1947. I could name these elopements, events in the capital of marriage Las Vegas like “fast food weddings” or “Quickie” elopements. The couples are different, as the wedding chapel levels and their wedding chapel photo packages. Anyway, if you want to get married in a wedding chapel and professional photos are essential for you, I think you are in the right place. I can help you choose the best wedding chapel, minister, hair and makeup artist, or videographer for you. You can have a cheap-looking trashy old chapel with low investment or a luxury wedding chapel for an affordable price, packages with a professional photographer on your ceremony. 

Best wedding Chapels in Las Vegas

Below is a list of the best 5 wedding chapels in Las Vegas. Have a look.

Paradise wedding chapel:

At Paradise Wedding Chapel, we provide Las Vegas wedding ceremonies in a sleek and modern, yet warm and welcoming Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. The modern decor is simple but elegant. The benches are like nothing you will see in any Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. It is truly one-of-a-kind!

This is not a cheesy Wedding Chapel! (If you’re looking for one of those, we will be happy to make recommendations!) This Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is the one you have been hoping to find!

Your wedding day will be spectacular, and you will have photos to prove it! Our wedding photographs make your wedding memorable by capturing your emotions. We offer extra services, such as make- – up, marriage certificates, and other add-ons at your request.

Graceland Wedding Chapel

This traditional-looking Chapel has been doing business on the Las Vegas Strip for over fifty years. During that time, it has seen its shares of celebrities, such as Jon Bon Jovi, who was married there, Jay Leno, Johnny Depp, Matthew Perry, and Salma Hayek.

You can choose either a traditional wedding or the Elvis Presley Package, which features an Elvis impersonator singing at your ceremony. The chapel is located on the famous Las Vegas Strip, about a mile from the stratosphere hotel and not far from Fremont Street.

Graceland Wedding Chapel offers most of the typical Las Vegas wedding services. These include a limo, photography, and internet broadcast of the service, DVD, flowers, and even a cake. 

Little Church of West

This wedding chapel is an exact replica of a church found in an old West mining town. The chapel itself is historically significant. It is the only building on the Las Vegas Strip listed by the National Historical Society.

Over the years, this little church has been the site of many celebrities exchanging marriage vows. Cindy Crawford, Richard Gere, Angelina Jolie, Mickey Rooney, and Judy Garland to name but a few.

The staff is helpful in planning and answering questions. They offer most of the typical packages found in Las Vegas wedding chapels.

A special memory wedding chapel.

This wedding chapel has the look and feel of an authentic New England church. In fact, it will seat 115 people on its oak pews. It has separate bride and groom dressing rooms. The bride has the choice of entering the wedding service either through double doors or walking down a theatrical-like spiral staircase. The chapel offers a wide selection of indoor weddings, ranging from an Elvis type to an inexpensive no-frills option. This is the chapel that offers the world-famous drive-through wedding service.

For those who are looking to have a more unusual wedding, the chapel offers a number of very beautiful outdoor locations. One such location is the Valley of Fire, a romantic spot where you are surrounded by the Red Rock Mountains. Red Rock Canyon and Mountain Air are also areas of great beauty where weddings can be held.

If you are so inclined, you can get married in a helicopter flying over Las Vegas at night or even use it to land on the floor of the Grand Canyon for your wedding.

Chapel of the bells.

Here is a wedding chapel that Hollywood producers and directors have seen fit to feature in their films. Granted, these were not academy award-winning movies (Honeymoon in Vegas, Mars Attack, Indecent Proposal, and Vegas Vacation), but they do show the classic aesthetic appeal of the chapel. There has also been a string of celebrities married there, from Kelly Ripa to Bobby Unser.

The chapel is located on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Arriving guests pass through a lush garden on their way into the chapel. The chapel is well maintained. It is friendly to all religions and the service of a non-denominational minister.

They offer wedding packages ranging from low to moderate. Interestingly, the chapel has a low-priced package that includes transportation from your hotel to the Marriage License Bureau and then to the Chapel. They use what they call an executive car rather than a limousine.

Chapel Wedding packages:

Most of Vegas Weddings chapel packages include round-trip limousine transportation, a live broadcast of your ceremony online so your friends and family can watch from afar, and use of the dressing room. Find your wedding package below now! 

Intimate packages:

The intimate packages include basic, traditional, and Romantic wedding packages. Here you can exchange vows in a personalized, traditional, and romantic ceremony backed by moments captured by the professional wedding photographer.

Elegant packages:

The elegant package includes Exquisite, luxurious, and cherished wedding packages. The couple can feel the unique, memorable, and elegant wedding ceremony.

Specialty packages:

These packages include intimate elopement, Viva Elvis, Elegant Grand Canyon Luncheon, and Valley of fire. Here the couple can also enjoy an outdoor wedding chapel ceremony.


The common issues with the photos you will get from most chapels they photograph in JPG or, worst, JPG format. If you are not familiar with the photography file format, shooting in medium JPG will lose 90% of the quality versus the RAW, CR3, or NEF form. Their packages start from $99, and you will get around five photos at the tourist photography skill level. If you want to buy the DVD with all of your photos, they will charge you an extra $300-$1200 on what package you choose. Of course, 90% of couples are more interested in the linked services, and they will be with this “tourist” cell phone quality.


If you want professional look quality, please do your research; check out these wedding chapel’s websites, reviews especially their creepy amateur photos, and you will find out you are in the place. 

Looking for making a memorable wedding Chapel ceremony?

I understand that your wedding day is a special day for you. I want you to feel at ease and encapsulate your perfect day on camera. With over years of combined wedding photography & wedding chapel photography experience, I understand that each photo backdrop needs carefully curated to showcase the vibrant locations, surrounding artwork, and, more importantly, with your love as the focal point.

So, let me help you with making your marriage memorable with all the necessary arrangements. Get in touch through phone or mail.