Myriam and Ingo’s Wedding Album

Vegas Strip Wedding Photos
Marriage Ceremony
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Las Vegas Strip Wedding Photography
Las Vegas Strip Wedding Photography
Las Vegas Strip Wedding Photos
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Wedding Photos
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Las Vegas Strip Wedding Photographer
Las Vegas Strip Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photoshoot
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Las Vegas Strip Wedding Photographer
Las Vegas Strip Wedding Photographer
Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony

Looking for a wedding in Las Vegas on the strip?

The Las Vegas strip is the main tourist zone of Vegas where most of the hotels and casinos are located. The strip of Las Vegas Boulevard stretches for 4.2 from the Stratosphere Tower on the one side to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign and Mandalay Bay on the south side. The south side is right near the airport, making it a very picturesque place with unique backdrops. If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer at Las Vegas strip, your search ends here

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is an art merging both artistic and candid approaches. It’s a blend that allows each and every image to capture that priceless moment in its natural form. Like a chill running down your spine as you listen to the vows being read out, or the big smile on your father-in-law’s face as he dances with his wife; it’s something that time and again will make you feel like you were part of the occasion, no matter how many years pass by!

I want you to have wedding photos that you will cherish for the rest of your life. As a professional Las Vegas wedding photographer, I incorporate beautiful scenery from iconic locations around Las Vegas, including the Strip itself. I understand how important it is for you to make sure everything runs smoothly from beginning to end. No matter what time of the year it is, we can have a beautiful background for the photos and you will love to show where they were taken in the future. I want to capture those unforgettable moments–from the emotional first look to getting married against a backdrop that makes us stop and question where on Earth we are standing!

Myriam and Ingo’s wedding on the Las Vegas Strip

There are a number of venues for getting married on the Las Vegas strip. The bride and groom; Myriyam and Ingo wanted the location to have gardens and natural scenery. So we chose the Flamingo hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

This Flamingo Hotel Vegas Wedding was amazing from start to finish! The Flamingo Hotel has an outdoor garden space with pools, Koi Fish, Flamingos, and more. There is a gazebo that’s seldom used, which makes for an ideal “wedding” backdrop.

I had the honor of working at Myriam and Ingo’s Las Vegas wedding at the Flamingo Hotel. If you are looking for an intimate wedding with a tropical feel, this is an excellent choice. The beautiful gazebo where this ceremony took place is set in the Flamingo’s back gardens and very close to other gorgeous areas with palm trees, flowers, waterfalls, and ivy. 

Myriam and Ingo’s wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful, filled with love, a lot of fun, and unforgettable moments. After the ceremony, we took group photos with family and friends, capturing their excitement and happiness.

It was a super exciting day, and I was honored to be a part of it. I congratulate the couple on a new beginning, wish them lots of love and happiness.

In case you’re looking for an exciting and unforgettable wedding in Las Vegas, let me know if I could help you preserve your memories for future generations.