Looking for the perfect Las Vegas wedding chapel packages in Las Vegas can be daunting, but I will make it easier.

After all, a wedding is not always just about the big day, it is also about the small details that others do not observe as decorations or songs played during certain parts of the reception. And if you are looking to share an event with your family and friends, then planning ahead of time ensures that you have enough time to adjust according to their schedule! We are here to help plan your special day from beginning to end. Zoltan recognizes how significant any special occasion is, so contact us today and reserve a time slot for your wedding soon!

Most Vegas Weddings chapel packages include round-trip limousine transportation, a live broadcast of your ceremony online so your friends and family can watch from afar, and use of the dressing room. Find your wedding package below now! 

Intimate packages:

The intimate packages include basic, traditional, and Romantic wedding packages. Here you can exchange vows in a personalized, traditional, and romantic ceremony backed by moments captured by professional wedding photographers.

Elegant packages:

The elegant package includes Exquisite, luxurious, and cherished wedding packages. The couple can feel the unique, memorable, and elegant wedding ceremony.

Speciality packages: 

These packages include intimate elopement, Viva Elvis, Elegant Grand Canyon Luncheon, and Valley of fire. Here the couple can also enjoy an outdoor wedding chapel ceremony.

Las Vegas Wedding Packages for Every Couple

Every couple is different and unique that is why we encourage you to search for or create the wedding package that suits your taste. At Zoltan, you’re never locked into just one package because if you want more of one service, we can always make it happen for you!

Make your perfect day!

Las Vegas is a city that has many vendors offering wedding chapel packages consisting of the basic to the more elaborate and lavish kind. Out of all of them, however, when someone wants a special-looking event that stands out yet doesn’t break the bank, Zoltan delivers an extraordinary amount of style and glamour in customized combinations that you won’t find anywhere else.

Book Today 

At Zoltan, we have a team of professional Las Vegas wedding planners who would love to help you sort out all the details of your big day. Let us help you make your Las Vegas chapel wedding dreams a reality! The chapels are widely known for the exceptional beauty of their location. Wedding ceremonies are one thing, but being able to admire the wonderful views provided by the chapels’ breath-taking locales is quite another. To book your picture-perfect Chapel wedding today, contact us at 1(702) 666 1471 or book online at Zoltan!