Jeff and Chloe’s wedding

Asian Wedding Couple Photos

Asian wedding couple photos means lots of colors, lots of friends and family, and all the detailed and immaculate planning that makes your big day a memorable one. From the choice of venue and decorations to the cuisine, every element is carefully crafted to provide an unforgettable experience. Of course, dress and jewelry are the most important part of any wedding, and Asian weddings are no different!

The bride and groom will often be adorned in intricate and luxurious outfits, while the guests wear traditional wear that adds to the vibrant atmosphere. The wedding ceremonies, often accompanied by traditional music and dance performances, add to the celebratory atmosphere, almost making it look like a scene out of a romantic movie! To capture your moments with each other, with your wedding party is what drives us.

At Zoltan Wedding Photography, we make sure our bride and groom feel like Rom-Com stars when they look at their wedding photos. And when our bride and groom were Chloe & Jeff, taking beautiful candids and clicking their wedding felt almost effortless!

Chloe & Jeff

The sky painted itself colorful, the day soothed down to a melodious hum, and smiles and laughter made the place a delicious place. Such was Chloe and Jeff’s event! After a photoshoot with her bridesmaids in unique and beautifully traditional, colorfully ethnic clothing, it was time to transform from bride-to-be to bride. The groom, with his groomsmen, could not wait till he could finally see his beautiful bride! Time was on his side, for it was time to change out of their colorful, ethnic clothes to adorn the formal ones to walk down the aisle. Looking exquisite in her classic and romantic lace gown, Chloe was radiating happiness! Jeff was handsome and so in love! 

After heat-warming moments in the ceremony, with children and adults all rooting for the bride and groom, it was time to take the party out to the welcoming evening sky for an informal time. With the hills, lake, fountains, lawn, and hills as their backdrop, the whole scene was magical! Their white and blue reception was immaculately planned, and it was easy to feel comfortable with so much love in the air! Jeff and Chloe were almost in their own bubble of love and happiness, and we were so glad to have had the pleasure of being a part of their special day! 

Team Zoltan wishes Jeff and Chloe the best times of their lives ahead!

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