Fitness Photography

Fitness and Love

“When celebrating our love, 1 year after taking our vows, it was only fitting for us to fully express our devotion through celebrating fitness. We asked our previous wedding photographer to shoot a series of beautiful fitness-themed photos. Health and fitness have bonded Shannon and me from the moment of our first meeting. Since then we have become a family of four, but our mutual love for fitness is still an important part of our lives. So we decided to ask Zoltan to do some Couple Fitness Photography on our 1s wedding anniversary. The brilliant use of red light by Zoltan, (who was also our wedding photographer when we tied the knot one year ago in Vegas) poetically captured the beauty of the physical form, further embellished by love. Movement and fitness will always connect my bride and me. Having these images to forever be reminders of our connection, is priceless”-says Eric Miller.

Get inspired to exercise by this Fitness Photography!

Get inspired to exercise by the fitness-themed photos of this beautiful couple, Eric and Shannon Miller! They are not only fitness enthusiasts but wonderful, caring parents as well. This lovely couple is the inspiration for many of us. I, as their photographer, am very grateful that fate led this couple to me. The 3-hours photoshoot was a great experience, I wonder if I ever have the chance to take more family photos for them, the next time with the whole family together, with the two kids. I bet it would be much fun:) Actually, now an idea has just come to my mind, regarding the perfect scenery of Eric and Shannon’s family photos… It will definitely be somewhere in Vegas, as I know the city very well and there are quite a few exciting and unconventional spots, like the famous graffiti walls that I sometimes use for wedding photography…. But let this be my secret until the actual occasion comes. 😉