Attila and Gabriela

Destination Wedding Photographer And Videographer

A destination wedding photographer and videographer is more than what its name suggests. It is something that needs immaculate planning and immense effort to make it just perfect for the day. So on your day, it is only fair to expect your beautiful vision to come to life. And, here’s where we are here to help. Zoltan’s destination wedding photographers are here to capture those timeless memories for generations. 

We were thrilled to work with Attila and Gabriela. Their vision was creative, classy, and modern-traditional. We could not wait to click their elegance, and we were delighted to see how the captured moments turned out!

Attila & Gabriela

Their wedding was utterly graceful. The thing straight from your favorite fairy tale! Attila and Gabriela were so in love! Their happiness and love were contagious, spreading across the space, making all, young and old, friends and family inclusive. Their adoring smile when they looked at each other, their uninhibited laughs, and eyes that shined brighter than the stars, they were just as perfect as their wedding day!

With beautiful weather, the happiness in the room was shining like the sun when everyone gathered for the ceremony. A start together, worthy of a prince and a princess, Attila and Gabriela looked their part. Serenity soaked into the air as they looked at the bride looking breathtakingly beautiful in her wedding dress, and the groom looking dashing and so in love! As they said their vows, tears of joy shining bright, they were announced, husband and wife! With the stunning destination delivering gorgeous backdrops, rose petals falling upon them, and laughter punctuating the day, it was a privilege indeed to be a part of their beautiful day! 

The party moved outdoors as the lovely greens of nature provided a captivating contrast. Dainty cupcakes and delicious food in the gardens atop the highlands made the elevated mood even better! Fountains, classy architecture, soapy bubbles, doves, it was all there! The reception was another elegant celebration! Photographs of the newlyweds with their parents, cousins, friends, nieces, and nephews were as captivating as the close bond they all shared.

We wish Attila and Gabriela the most stunning married life and all the happiness and love! 

Are you Looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer?

First of all, our heartiest congratulations on getting engaged! If you have started planning for your destination wedding, you must know how handful it is! But, the one thing we can help you with is making sure your efforts look effortless and your personality shines through in the wedding photos and videos!

If you want to avoid last-minute hassles, consider booking us in advance. Rest assured, we are well-experienced in the field and we will love to know more about your vision for the day. Contact us without any hesitation for more information!

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