Will and Sandi

11/09/2017/by Zoli

Jason and Rachel’s wedding at Neon Museum – Las Vegas

11/05/2017/by Zoli

Shannon and Elena’s wedding

10/28/2017/by Zoli

Kjeryn and Kevin black and white version

09/29/2017/by Zoli

Tuan and Tam’s wedding photo session on Las Vegas Strip

09/24/2017/by Zoli

Kyle and Michelle’s wedding at Anthem Country Club

09/16/2017/by Zoli

Tian and Gloria

08/24/2017/by Zoli

Kjeryn and Kevin

08/23/2017/by Zoli

Brooks and Lydia

07/20/2017/by Zoli

Oleksiy and Tatsiana Las Vegas Strip wedding photography

06/09/2017/by Zoli

Family photography with Natascha, Bryan, Aurora and Artem at Westin – Lake Las Vegas

06/05/2017/by Zoli

Agnes and Don

06/01/2017/by Zoli

Sergio and Erica’s wedding at Red Rock Canyon

02/17/2017/by Zoli

Vicky and Evans

12/27/2016/by Zoli

Sadie and Drew

12/20/2016/by Zoli

Barbi and Zsolt

12/19/2016/by Zoli

Jola and Lars

12/10/2016/by Zoli

Michelle and Kyle Engagement Session at Reflection Bay – Lake Las Vegas

11/26/2016/by Zoli

Rinkesh and Sweta

11/20/2016/by Zoli

Josh and Damona

10/01/2016/by Zoli

Judit and Sandor’s Wedding at Las Vegas

09/27/2016/by Zoli

Eric and Monica’s Wedding at Green Valley Ranch – Henderson

09/10/2016/by Zoli

He Wang and Qingqing Cao

08/22/2016/by Zoli

Meagan and Jared

08/09/2016/by Zoli

Fitness and Love

06/13/2016/by Zoli

Theatre Photography Los Angeles

04/30/2016/by Zoli

Sean and Rachael Engagement Session at Westin Lake Las Vegas

06/05/2015/by Zoli

Richard and Lindsay’s wedding at Westin Lake Las Vegas

05/04/2015/by Zoli

Antony and Laura

05/02/2015/by Zoli

John and Susannah at Westin Lake Las Vegas

04/25/2015/by Zoli

Creative Wedding Photography Session at Nelson Ghost Town with Agi and Manuel

10/03/2014/by Zoli

Destination Wedding Photography – Attila and Gabrielle

08/09/2014/by Zoli

Brigita and Szabolcs

06/11/2014/by Zoli

Destination Creative Wedding Photography with Eva and George in Hungary

05/15/2014/by Zoli

South Point Arena celebrates Military history with a free exhibition from the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

03/07/2014/by Zoli