Welcome to my wedding photography site. My name is Zoltan Redl-Nagy and I’m Hungarian. I am now currently a Las Vegas resident where I live out my dream of being the best professional wedding photographer I can possibly be. Wedding photography goes far beyond being a career for me. I love life and I love to see the glow of love that is so evident in all my clients that come to me so I can capture their special day for them.

Since 2002 I have traveled to many parts of the world and have had the great pleasure of photographing 100’s of weddings in countries such as Switzerland, England, Italy and Germany and of course right here at home in Las Vegas. I have had the opportunity of using many beautiful backgrounds for my wedding photography that has served to truly enhance the beauty of my wedding subjects.

As a soon to be wed couple you want whoever is going to be involved in this momentous occasion to be as ecstatic about it and as enthusiastic as you are. You will see my undivided attention and interest in your wedding shine through in your photographs.

I have spent many years perfecting my photography skills to the point where each and every photo taken by me is based on perfection. Just as your wedding day should be perfect I believe that each moment I am able to capture for you also should be as well.

It isn’t a matter of just snapping the button on the camera as you pose. It is all about capturing the perfect lighting as it works within the space of the photograph then focusing on your expressions and demure of the moment. When you look at each and every wedding photo I take you will know exactly what you were thinking at that very moment each time you look at the photo. I have developed my photography skills to this high level of capturing the moment. This is what makes my wedding photography different than many others.

My artistic background serves me well when it comes to wedding photography because like a piece of art every detail matters. The right background, the right lighting, the right pose and the exact right moment is what needs to be captured in every wedding shot taken.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer that not only takes great pride in his work but believes that there is no greater experience in life than getting married then you have come to the right place. With my collection of photos of this most precious time in your lives, you will be able to re-live this momentous event each and every time you view your wedding photos.

Zoltan Redl-Nagy

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer