Agnes and Szabolcs are Hungarians living and working in the Netherlands. They found me after they decided to have a Las Vegas wedding. After browsing the internet, they asked me to be their wedding photographer. We had been organizing the wedding photography session for months. In some instances they took my advice, in others they had their ideas.  Most importantly, the outcome is superb!


First of all, we started the photo shoot just outside Las Vegas, near scenic Red Rock Canyon. The weather was perfect! I recommended a great friend and associate, Johnn Jones, to perform the ceremony as the officiant. He’s not only an excellent minister but also a great musician. After the ceremony, we drove to the Las Vegas Strip to take some pictures at the symbolic Forever 21 sign. Then we took some photos at the Venetian Hotel and Casino and finished at a photo-friendly gazebo at Caesar’s Palace. My couple was very well prepared, but I guess you just can’t be prepared for everything. It seems that when it comes to a Las Vegas wedding, some vendors try to take advantage of newlyweds. The rose bouquet that the couple ordered faded away shortly after the ceremony, while we were doing the photo shoot, probably it wasn’t fresh.


I’m planning to make recommendations on my website for excellent service providers; I feel bad when my clients are mistreated. Sometimes people leave Las Vegas with a bitter taste in their mouth because some less-than-reputable merchants spoil the occasion. In the meantime, my dear future customers who read these lines: ask me for help, and I’ll gladly recommend the best for you! I’d rather not discuss the negative things here, so let’s continue with the enjoyable elements!


Agi and her husband braved the 3-hour photography session with grace and ease. All told, with some travel time, it took 4 and a half hours. The most important thing is that their love for each other can clearly be seen in the pictures. Finally, at the Venetian, I did some action series where I managed to capture Szabolcs’s endless, tender, and attentive feelings for Ági. This usually happens when the couple forgets that I’m there and gets lost in the moment. Hence we managed to create a delightful photo collection that we were all thrilled with and that’s the most important part! 🙂


Thank you to my wife for lighting and assistance, Nicia Carreira for professional hair styling and makeup, and Johnn Jones, our minister-officiant. I wish Agi and Szabolcs great health, much happiness, and enduring love. Cheers to the newlyweds!

Agi’s review of their Las Vegas wedding:

“When we started to discuss our wedding plans, there was one thing we knew for sure: we didn’t want a traditional Hungarian wedding with 100+ guests. We wanted a private one that’s true about us. As we love traveling, we quickly decided that getting married during one of our trips would suit us the most. What could be a better place to tie the knot than the fabulous Las Vegas? 🙂 Now, the second thing we knew for sure was that we didn’t want a typical, cliche ceremony in one of the Vegas chapels, the wedding needed to be unique and spectacular; after all, it will be our BIG day!

Our BIG day!

So there we were, knowing the date and the place but what’s next? We didn’t know how to organize everything from the Netherlands. That is when with the help of Google I’ve found Zoltan. This Las Vegas wedding photographer swiftly responded to my initial questions and the actual planning of our day has begun. With his knowledge of the local circumstances and people, and his expertise as photographer Zoltan was a tremendous help for us. Zoltan suggested several potential locations. He shared plenty of wedding photos he has taken of other couples to assist us with choosing our places for the wedding and the photo shoot. Above all, our wedding photographer also arranged a minister for us.

Great minister and hair & makeup artist

The officiant’s name was Johnn Jones; he provided a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony, one that we shall always remember.  On top of these, Zoltan arranged a make-up and hair stylist for me. Nicia Carreira an absolute professional who created the most beautiful version of me :)”.