Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas

Edina and Mickey married last year. However, Mickey decided that during their honeymoon to the United States this spring, he would surprise Edina. He wanted to re-marry her on her birthday in the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. He also arranged a very special wedding photo session for the occasion. Browsing Las Vegas wedding photography online, my gallery caught his attention and he contacted me, telling me of an idea to surprise his wife with an elaborate photo package!

He told Edina it was only going to be an ordinary little photo session that he was arranging with me. So in the first part of the photo shoot, in the Red Rock Canyon area, we had to keep our secret, so Edina wouldn’t become suspicious. I was fortunate with these guys; they’re a sweet-natured couple, full of love and life, it made my job easy! During the desert location shoot, and due to the intensity of the sunlight, I took a stronger blind to set the light meter to the brightest point. This eliminates the look of burned surfaces.

Without delving into too much technical detail, here in the Nevada desert, the harsh, glaring light of summer can last up to eight months! We have to be prepared for that. The first twenty minutes of the shoot is necessary to get to know each other. I like to discover the special nuances and characteristics of my clients, what are the positives and what’s to be avoided 🙂 Setting up the scenes with this couple went very well.


It’s rare when I don’t have to give posing instructions during a session, and the quality of the photos continues to rise. With Edina and Mickey, the situation was effortless! After a couple of hours’ break, we went to the chapel and then to the Venetian hotel-casino. In the old downtown atmosphere of Las Vegas, we switched to a hint of Italian elegance. We spent maybe three and a half hours. It was well worth it because it was a tremendous experience, producing some beautiful images I would like to share with you. Check out the gallery!