Tips to Pick the Best Outfits for Your Las Vegas Strip Engagement Photo Session

engagement photo outfit ideas

Your Las Vegas strip engagement photo session is coming up. You’re excited to stand in front of the fountains of the Bellagio; walk through the LINQ Promenade, hand in hand with your fiancé. A photographer follows you to document the experience. The engagement photo session is a fun, flirty, feel-good experience that requires just the right outfit (or outfits!). Here’s what we suggest for your Las Vegas strip engagement photo outfits.

Limit the Engagement Shoot Outfit Changes

You’ll pose for lots of photos during the wedding and before the wedding, and you’ll see yourself in lots of outfits. There’s no need to change clothes again and again during the engagement photo session. Limit your outfits to two or fewer. This helps keep the experience fun and refreshing.

Pick Out Your Favorites

Choose your favorite clothes – outfits that make you feel comfortable and uniquely you. Pick clothes that are made from your favorite materials, colors, and cuts.

Don’t Worry About Matching. Just Try Not to Clash

Matching outfits don’t show your personal style and showing your style a part of the fun. Remember, you and your future spouse are coming together, two people with your personalities sharing one life.

Feel free to express who you are with your outfits, but try not to clash—Coordinate which outfit colors and fabrics you’ll be wearing before the shoot.   

Bring the Accessories

Feel free to bring hats, belts, jewelry, sunglasses – whatever accessories you prefer to wear with your outfits. Accessories make great props and can lead to fun, spontaneous moments in your engagement photo photography. 

Schedule Your Las Vegas Strip Engagement Photos

More important than choosing the right outfit is choosing the right photographer. To learn more about working with an experienced portrait photographer for your Las Vegas engagement photos, contact Zoltan Wedding Photography