Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

Sunrise Love Story in the Desert

Las Vegas Desert photography sessions at Red Rock Canyon with our Las Vegas eleopement photographer are fabulous, especially in summer in the early morning hours.

“Kyle and I met each other in 2014 when we both worked at a paintball field in New England. The attraction was instant; it didn’t take long before we went on our first date to the mountains, where we sat at the bottom of a waterfall and learned about each other over Gatorade. We discovered we share the same birthday and were born the same year. It seemed as if the universe had a hand in uniting us. From that moment on, we were inseparable. We seemed to grow together, but deeper, like the roots of a tree, soon we were in love. Nature played a big role in our relationship right out the gate- living in the country, going on walks every morning down the logging trail, trips to the White Mountains. As a twist, our adventures landed us in Florida, my birthplace, where we have made a cozy little life for ourselves, just us and our two dogs. One day, after dinner at a crummy restaurant, Kyle took me to a secluded spot on the water and popped the question. I was so excited; I couldn’t wait to tell everyone! We decided shortly after, without much debate, on getting married in Las Vegas. We agreed- “no mess, no fuss, just us.” It made sense to us to say I Do in the desert, surrounded by nature and quiet and simplicity— so symbolic of the life we’ve built together. We were sold on Calico Basin in Red Rock Canyon. It needed to happen there. We gave ourselves a year to plan our trip, and when the time came… we were ready. We already had our minister and photographer booked, so there was no need to stress.

Desert Photography

The wedding day came; we were up before the sun and had a quick and easy drive to Calico Basin. How beautiful. Breathtaking! Minister and photographer in tow, we made our way to the spot. All around us, bats were flying, the sun peaking over the rust-colored mountains, the labyrinth of rocks, cactus in the distance… just perfect. I was vibrating with energy. Holding Kyle’s palms in mine, him looking down at me, me up at him, it felt good, it felt Right. His gentle squeeze of my hands breathed life into me. And then, we were married. With root-shaped wedding bands hugging our ring fingers.”

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