Las Vegas Family Photographer

Family Photographer in Las Vegas

It’s a joy to document family dynamics through images of you and your loved ones in life. My family photography sessions meet your family’s needs from my studio to a location of your choice. Each photo session showcases a family member’s personality – from formal portraits to candid moments that capture what it means to be a part of your incredibly magnificent family. Consider me the family photographer who will make sure families get their money’s worth at every session – professionally shot pictures that naturally illuminate the love and beauty found within your nuclear unit.

My Family Portraits

A family portrait is a pretty significant addition to any home. Your life and circumstances will change, as is natural. But a family photograph will remain a constant, a permanent reminder of who you were when you are there with the people you love and the important moments that come along with them! The above gallery of photography shows a breadth of various family portrait sessions that I have had the pleasure of photographing in Las Vegas.

Ready for a Modern Family photo session?

If you are looking for a Modern Las Vegas family photographer to create beautiful, timeless, and classic portraits for your family, I would love to work with you. I know how hard it is to find an experienced photographer, so if you’re interested in working with me, please take a minute and fill out the form on my Contact page.


What should we bring for our photo session?

Bring you, your family, and all of your fun.

Can you help me with planning my family photography session?

Yes, for sure! I offer photo-shoot sessions at locations created for families.

Do I get to choose a Photoshoot location for my family portraits? 

You have a choice of Photoshoot location for your family photo-shoot. Last year, I had photo-shoots in outdoor areas and home-based shoots around Las Vegas. Depending on your needs, preferences, and lifestyle, we will plan the exact details out in our consultation meeting so you can relax and feel confident that every shoot is perfect!