I got an email from Melanie a few months before the ceremony. Melanie and her fiancé Ricky decided to get married in November 2017 and they would elope to Las Vegas to do an Elvis-themed wedding. The couple discovered my photography on August Roland Wedding Minister’s website and really liked it so they asked me if I would be able to photograph their wedding that they  were planning to do Elvis-themed, on one of the most remerkable spots: in front of  the Welcome to Las Vegas sign .

Melanie and Ricky had talked about getting married in Vegas before, but none of them had any idea how exactly they would like to do it. We started brainstorming together, and as I listened to their story, I thought their style required several unique setting. They also checked out my wedding portfolio, to get some ideas. So I suggested to start at Nelson Ghost Town, then we went on to do some creative photography in front of  Las Vegas’s best graffiti walls..

Melanie and her fiancée wanted an Elvis-themed wedding so that’s how they tied the knot, by the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. It was romantic but not too tacky, exactly the way they wanted it.

Roland August is one of the most sought-after Vegas ministers, who has done many elopements and we cooperate perfectly at weddings. What fun to work with him! When the minister is as talented as my friend is, the atmosphere is amazing! (Melanie and Ricky prepared a little surprise: Roland’s figurine was placed even on the wedding cake! )  They had a small wedding reception with their friends from UK at the Cosmopolitan, spiced up with lots of British humor. They enjoyed themselves so much in Vegas that they’re already talking about coming back maybe next year to renew their vows in front of more of their friends, or if not then maybe five to ten years from now, as an anniversary celebration.