Destination wedding in Hungary with Eva and George

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer near Budapest, Hungary – or internationally – that understands the rhythm of a wedding day and effortlessly captures candid memories of people on their wedding day, I am that wedding photographer. I have a laid-back approach to working with clients to capture life’s emotional moments and craft them into honest, elegant, timeless images. It is my profound pleasure to travel with you as we work together to create unique visions & memories which will last a lifetime within your family’s scrapbook.

I feel super happy to meet people like you and know your journey. Let’s start a conversation about your upcoming wedding day!

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Why Hungary for a Destination wedding?

Marriages in Hungary are beautiful events. Weddings are typically grand affairs, and the city of Budapest is known for its stunning panoramas, vibrant nightlife, and myriad music festivals. However, you might choose to celebrate with your guests in this unique capital – whether staging your wedding ceremony at an ancient cathedral or holding it at an outdoor venue overlooking a castle. Weddings near Budapest, Hungary are an experience neither you nor your guests will ever forget!

Why Zoltan as a Destination wedding Photographer, Hungary.

I have worked for many years as a Wedding Photographer around the world. I have qualities that differentiate me from other photographers:

  • Spontaneous, candid photography
  • My passion for wedding Photography
  • Creating just wow moments for you.
  • I love people and places.

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