Zoltan Redl-Nagy is one of the most sought-after Las Vegas wedding photographers, and a highly skilled multimedia artist. His artistic skills were fostered at the design university of Cluj Napoca, Romania and he later obtained his master degree at The Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Zoltan continued to advance his career for years, progressing his talent and skills. Later drawn toward new media, Zoltan discovered photography. Revealing a new and passionate expression of his career, an appropriate path he has been following for almost two decades.

Art and photography

However, he never abandons his true, artistic nature. Zoltan now is one of the most popular Las Vegas wedding photographers and a creative visual artist. Furthermore, he  keeps developing the diversity of his artistic path. After years of photographing in Hungary, Germany, and Switzerland, Zoltan is now based in Las Vegas, USA.  In addition, he also travels frequently to international photography destinations and events as a trusted and sought-after destination wedding photographer.

Zoltan is one of the top-rated Las Vegas wedding photographers

Las Vegas Wedding Photographers: Zoltan Redl-Nagy

Zoltan is a destination wedding photographer from Las Vegas

Zoltán Redl-Nagy not only has the ability to capture the existing magic of your wedding.  He also marries talent and technique, blending digital technology with manual techniques, creating magic of his own. His love and empathy for people creates excellent and creative visual storytelling. Zoltan embraces the artistic aim of making everyone look and feel gorgeous in front of his camera. His images are a perfect blend of dreams, reality, imagination and technical skill. Zoltan Redl-Nagy is a committed destination wedding photographer.

Destination wedding photography

Whether he is shooting a wedding in the middle of the Nevada desert, a luxurious family event in a fancy Vegas restaurant or in the  breath-taking garden of a baroque castle in Eastern-Europe, Zoltan has the ability to bring out the best in any situation and any destination. His remarkable budoir photography is also defined by his artistic approach.

Zoltan is available for wedding, fashion, special event, and engagement photography anywhere in the world. Contact him to arrange a photo shoot and ask him about his excellent photo packages that make him stand out from the crowd of Las Vegas wedding photographers.