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Las Vegas is the “Wedding Capital of the World,” and I’d be honored to memorialize your wedding day in images, whether here or some exotic island destination. Zoltan Art & Photography will capture the images of your special day in the style you wish.

A wedding signifies an exhilarated and joyous shift in momentum.  One singular moment and the hours surrounding it, solidify the hopes and dreams of a family.  Capturing this life-altering experience through photography demands skill, attention, and care, all of which, I have made my life’s work.  This is my primary purpose.  My passion, craft, and professionalism will guide you through this big moment. Your “job” is to relax and enjoy the day. Take in the love and support of those surrounding you as your union is created. I am at your disposal to guide you in any capacity possible.

The beauty of life is so often in the simplicity of a single moment. Woven together, these moments compose our stories.  As your wedding day has significant importance. I consider it a privilege and my honor to apply my passion and technique in wedding photography to capture these moments on camera. The formality and staging of weddings have been replaced with a more natural, photojournalistic method.  Whatever style you prefer, we are here to serve you. Zoltan Art & Photography would be truly honored to serve as your wedding photographer on your most special and sacred of days. Zoltan will capture every precious moment for you to cherish and value for the rest of your lives. Though my passion is for photography, I will create an exquisite and marvelous story of your union. Zoltan has been rated the top talent out of all the Las Vegas wedding photographers in the valley.

Zoltan Art & Photography sets itself apart from other Las Vegas wedding photographers with a simple philosophy- I pride myself on my ability to “see through your eyes.” This allows me the ability to understand you and relate to you. My preparation is methodical, and I work closely with you to understand your vision.

Fall in love all over again with wedding photos that continue to reveal your story for years to come. Relax and get ready to have fun!  Zoltan Wedding Photography will capture those precious moments; the limousine ride to the chapel, the tender moments before the ceremony, the solemnity of the service and the celebrations that follow. That glimmer in the bride’s eyes, the look of love in the grooms’, the bridesmaids longing for their turn, mom’s tears, and the pride on dad’s face; every facet of love is captured in the photography, the story, the perfect fairytale wedding.

Zoltan Las Vegas Wedding Photographer doesn’t simply take pictures of people, he delicately reveals their souls with a promise to deliver wedding and corporate event photography that is simple, yet brilliantly, flawless! Choose the best wedding and portrait photographer in Las Vegas! Reserve your celebration photographs today with international award winning Zoltan Wedding Photography! Zoltan is named one of the finest Las Vegas wedding photographers in town.

Zoltan Approach and Philosophy

Long gone are the days of formal, posed portraits.  If you would like the story of your wedding to unfold naturally, capturing the delicate smiles and gestures, wedding photojournalism is the best path. This is a craft which I have dedicated my life to, and I love what I do.

Fine-art wedding photography is a style having a more potent artistic flare.  This avant-garde technique applies vibrant imagery, crisp angles, and vivid lighting.  In my initial consultation with you, we will develop a plan for you to have a stunning and enhanced portfolio of wedding images.

For those couples preferring a glamorous flair, I have in-depth knowledge and experience of applying the genre of fashion photography to your wedding portfolio.  Striking poses, vivid expressions, and sensational background are components of fashion photography which I masterfully integrate to the traditional wedding photography. The evolution of Las Vegas wedding photographers is rooted in the classical, traditional wedding photography.  For those couples preferring the classic, elegant style or an orthodox style in their family, I will honor this tradition in creating a traditional, customary wedding portfolio. Above all, I will work with you to understand and capture the essence of your union.

I will work with you to identify moments in your special day you want most emphasized.

∙ What are your “have-to-have” shots?

∙ What will really set your wedding apart from all others? 

∙ In your mind’s eye, what is the dream of your wedding day?

∙ Would you like photography to be staged as if with magazine quality? Or would you prefer a more documentary style?

∙ What are your budget constraints?

∙ How will the wedding flow?

Your special day requires luxurious and professional photography.  I will capture your beautiful moments in pictures, and I will do it right the first time because there are no second takes…this is a one time event.  From the moment you walk down the aisle to the nuptials, to the portraits, to the reception, to the handmade albums, I possess the skill and passion for being your perfect wedding photographer.

Most importantly, we’ll capture your wedding without being part of it. We will be unobtrusive and professional.  I am keen not to interject or impose my will and vision on your day; it is to capture the emotions and essence of your wedding day masterfully while letting you be the one in charge. For family wedding portraits, you tell me if you’d like to be queued and directed for photography shots or if you’d rather tap your heart and create the natural interactions with candid, organic photos. Photographing your special day is not just a job for us; it is my love and devotion.  I have a stellar reputation and have been doing this for 15 years.  I know weddings inside and out. The smooth transitions and surprise elements are so important to convey those special moments. I intimately understand, through years of experience, how they work and flow.

Relationships with the community- you, are of the utmost importance. My network of wedding planners, florists, and venue managers is expansive, and due to my years in the wedding service industry, I know who is highly sought after for superior service and who is not.  I serve brides and grooms of all cultures, ethnicity, and lifestyles.  I will photograph your theme – wedding (Zombie Weddings, Elvis Weddings, etc.) with excitement and professionalism.  For me, serving you is a privilege and an honor! I am happy to serve you for your destination wedding. Learn more about Zoltan and his commercial event photography skills by clicking here.

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